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MEAT - PASSION AND BUSINESS - We are a team of international specialists with long standing experience of world-wide meat merchandising. Meat is our business, and we offer you these products at best prices:

  • We personally see to it that handling and delivery is executed dutifully and will be finished only after the meat has reached you, according to contract.
  • We converse with you in trading languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch.
  • Special conditions are being granted to us by International Charterers, and we dispose
    of specialised port agents for clearing nearly everywhere.
  • We offer you Insurance Specials and Barter Deals
  • Excellent quality and a great product variety are assured

Our speciality is low prices since we make our purchases in those countries which offer the
best deals right at that moment when the requirement arises. It is certainly not a coincidence
that most of our customers originate from countries with a low wage level and small income.
We serve mainly clients in East Europe, Asia, Africa, and in the Far East.

Deluxe Meat Corp. S.A.
Dietikon / Switzerland
as the head of
Excellence Group of Companies in Luxemburg

12, rue Jean Engling
L-1466 Luxembourg
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

FON: (+352) 42 29 26
FAX: (+352) 42 29 31
 Excellence Trading S.A.  12, RUE JEAN ENGLING FON: (+352) 42 29 26   
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L - 1466 LUXEMBOURG FAX: (+352) 42 29 31 EMAIL:
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